The #DeeList: Top 5 Reasons it Took so Long to Pass the Covid Bill
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The House is expected to vote (and pass) the Covid Relief Bill today (Wednesday). What caused the delay? I  have some ideas…

5. $1400 is a Lot of Money

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This money is gonna change your life! You’ll be able to pay off all your debt, travel, and that’s after you save most of it. Of course it takes a while. I’m sure if it was only enough money to maybe pay your rent and NOTHING ELSE, they would’ve passed it months ago.

4. They Were Tired


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You ever see those headlines that are like “congress members up all night voting on a policy” or whatever?  Well listen. It’s probably exhausting to argue over increasing minimum wage and helping people eat. I mean how do they sleep at night? Probably on very comfortable sheets with a high thread count and no eviction notices on the door.

3. They Were Busy

Impeachment of Donald Trump

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Have you ever been in a place where armed thugs can break in, hold you hostage, and potentially kill you? No not the hood, the US capital. They can probably only stand to be there for so many hours before they have flashbacks of the violence they witnessed. Kinda like the PTSD adults experience when they leave the hood…

2. They Weren’t Sure if we Needed It

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I’ve seen 300 posts with captions that start like “if 2020 taught me anything, it’s to live life!” So maybe they figured since we were scraping up pennies so we can fly Spirit to travel and keep our mental health intact, that we didn’t need extra money to alleviate the stress that’s pushing us to get away in the first place.

1. They Couldn’t Compromise

House To Vote On Senate Passed $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill

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The donkeys and elephants argue like crips and bloods. If one side believes everyone should have water, the other side thinks water is only for those who make more than $40,000. I guess when you can’t relate to the people you’re arguing about helping, it takes longer to understand.

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