The #DeeList: Top 5 Reasons I’m Concerned
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There has been a lot going on in a short period of time, and I have some things that aren’t sitting right with me…

5. Quavo and Saweetie Fought

The 2017 Def Jam Holiday Party - Red Carpet

Source: Bennett Raglin / Getty

Regardless of who started it, it’s never okay to put your hands on anyone. Period. But my biggest concern is that they were allegedly fighting over a video game that comes in luggage! They call it a care package. If you cared, I’d have less stuff to carry! Back in my day, you could fit a whole Sega Genesis, 2 controllers and 6 games in a bag from Fiesta. I just don’t understand!

4. Biggie Still has Fans

notorious b.i.g.

Source: getty / Getty

Biggie died in 97 and people still love him enough for a company to put a hubcap from the truck that he was shot and killed in, up for auction. Starting bid? $150,000! I’m concerned that I don’t know the value of hubcaps! Someone stole mine downtown, and the tire shop just found me another one in the back! Should I have filed an insurance claim??

3. President Biden is Speaking Today

Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Source: Getty

I’m not gone cap and tell you I know what it’s about. But that’s irrelevant. Have you ever heard him speak?? I’m concerned that he’s gonna start believing that he’s a strong reader, and we gone be stuck with these speeches for 4 years. Listen just pass the mic to Kamala, she be dressed better anyway.

2. Lil Nas X Released a Shoe

Lil Nas X

Source: Lil Nas X / Columbia Records

Everyone is up in arms because Mr. Old Town Road released a devil shoe that he says has a drop of human blood in it. Well newsflash: that salad and breadsticks from your favorite restaurant probably has a lil blood in it too. I’m concerned that he thought that weak ass shoe was worth more than some Jordan’s. Wish I would spend my rent on them fake ass Air Max’s.

1. NLE Choppa Went to Jail

New Orleans Prepares To Remove More Civil War Monuments

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Am I shocked that someone with CHOPPA in their name, was arrested with a Glock and a Draco? My concern is that he’s lying in his music! He got caught after breaking into the impound, to retrieve a watch from his car. So that was cap in your songs when you said you were posted in front of the trap, selling dope til the sun goes down? Cause if you would’ve been, you wouldn’t have gotten arrested for breaking into your own car.

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