About #RunWithlilD

In 2021, I lost 3 people I love, and my job, within 2 weeks. With nothing but time to focus on conquering my anxiety and depression, I began going for daily walks. These walks eventually turned into jogs, and by December I had lost 45 pounds and run a half marathon. Hi, I’m lilD.

#RunWithlilD is more than a leisurely group of people who run or walk; it’s a sisterhood of supporters who understand that one must be mentally healthy before they can be physically in shape.

When you #RunWithlilD, not only will you meet weekly to work on your physical health, but you’ll also gain access to invaluable mental health resources, discounts from select black-owned businesses, and lasting relationships from women who want you to win. We’re running into sisterhood; see you on the pavement.


#RunWithlilD is proudly sponsored by FitSis. When you sign up, part of your new member package includes a Fit Sis tank top and leggings.

FitSis is a movement that is about a woman’s transformation and the healing journey that empowers over all change of the mind, body, and soul. Visit fitsisllc.com fitness apparel, accessories, and more!

The Run Card

When you #RunWithlilD, you will receive The Run Card, which grants you access to exclusive, member-only discounts at these black-owned businesses:

Ready to #RunWithlilD?

Runners and walkers of all levels are welcome to #RunWithlilD. New signees will receive a #RunWithlilD New Member package, including their Official Member Outfit from FitSis, lilD’s debut book, an official #RunWithlilD water bottle, shower wipes and more. And every company partnering with #RunWithlilD is black-owned!

The group will meet twice a week for a timed walk/jog/run. We’ll start with light stretching and water, then hit the pavement! When you #RunWithlilD, you can be sure that you always have a workout partner; if your pace decreases, someone will “fall back” with you.

In addition to meeting physically, members will have access to the private Instagram and Facebook page, which will feature healthy recipes from a cook, advice from a nationally-recognized therapist, and the weekly meet-up schedule. 

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