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Currently a midday host on 97.9 FM “The Beat” in Dallas, lilD has been on the airwaves for 15 years, and her knowledge and hands-on critiques have helped several radio personalities, working and aspiring, take their talent to the next level and secure on-air positions. Let lilD help you produce an aircheck that will get you noticed, and get you hired.*

Examples are below.

Dee is the type of person to always be willing to help people who want to help themselves. Her feedback was very blunt, but always honest. She’s not the type of person to just tell you what you sent was good just to get you out of the way. She actually listens and pays attention to EVERY detail.

Some of her criticism was hard to hear, but it was what I needed. If something I did was good, she would let me know. If something I did was bad, she would let me know that too. However, Dee wouldn’t just tell me that what I did was bad without offering me ways to fix the problem. That’s the type of person she is.

She once told me that I sounded too much like a kid who does college radio. My response was “but I am doing college radio.” Dee asked a simple question “Do you want me to critique you like a kid who does college radio? Or do you want me to critique you like a professional?”

Dee showed me how to improve from good to great. I no longer sound like a kid who does college radio. I sound more and more like a professional every day. I went from just doing college radio to a position at [a radio station] in Cleveland.

Client #1

Cleveland, OH

The Dilemma: I felt stuck for years, being lead to believe that I was only good enough to be a Part-Time Production/Air Talent.

The Turning Point: After one aircheck with Lil D, she not only helped me correct the mechanics of my on-air work but encouraged and motivated me to pursue a better life for myself.

The Results: My first Full Time On Air Position as Afternoon Drive talent at a Top 50 Market, including a simultaneous syndicated nationwide afternoon show in two different formats!

I would have never applied myself if it wasn’t for Lil D!!!

Client #2

Indianapolis, IN

When I first got into radio I was excited to be in the building but not excited to talk on air. I was optimistic about learning new things and how the station worked but shied away from speaking out loud on the mic to where it wasn’t even apart of my goals.

One weekend my APD decided to put me on the air in a vacancy position on the Friday night mix show on our Urban AC station. As my on-air career began, I learned to love it and was excited about gaining listenership and impacting the community. lilD would be one of the only people giving me active pointers in my aircheck.

Since she’s helped me I’ve gone from weekend part-time to a full weekend shift and main fill in at my station while being the Production Director.

Client #3

Columbus, OH

*Employment is not guaranteed. Our job is to help you produce an aircheck that is worthy to submit to radio stations, in hopes of getting you hired.
A quality microphone, computer, and audio recording program (preferably Adobe Audition) are required. If the client does not have access to these things, arrangements can be made for lilD to meet with the client (Dallas-Fort Worth area only) and allow them to record on her equipment, for an additional $15 fee.

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