#GoGIRLS: Monik’s Royal Bundles are for Every Queen

Monik Herron has always known she wanted to be a boss. And while selling bundles of hair seems to be the new “flat tummy tea,” the hustle behind her Royal Bundles puts the product a step above the rest.Monik is a midwest girl who’s from and currently...

I’m a Man Who Forgave My Rapist; Now I’m Free

As a boy, you’re taught different things that help you become a man. Taught from those you idolize and can’t do wrong in your eyes. As a child, I would happily be willing to share time over my grandmother’s house. Lois is pretty much what I became to...

#HERstory: I Could’ve Been a Prostitute

My parents told me their other kids needed them more than I did. After all, I was a straight-A student, so I must’ve been perfectly happy, right? One would think that after losing my virginity at 12, my parents would question my self-esteem. But instead, I was...
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